Dance-A-Round offers classes in Ballet & Tap learning the technique of these dance styles in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The ethos of Dance-A-Round is that we provide fun and enjoyable classes for Boys & Girls of all ages enabling the young people to develop both their physical and creative skills, as well as increase their self esteem.  Dance-A-Round does not currently offer assessments or exams, but at the end of the academic year parents are invited to watch our Annual Summer Performance in a Theatre setting giving the children the opportunity to experience and learn about performing to a live audience.


Due to the current situation of Social Distancing Ballet Classes start at Dance-A-Round at the age of 6 years.  The class is designed to encourage the children to learn different ways of moving, using props and music that they are familiar with. Once children reach school age the Ballet classes are designed for different levels depending on age and ability of the individual child.  The classes help their co ordination, balance and self control, musical ability, posture and a child's confidence.


Tap classes begin at 6 years old. In this class the children learn the basic tap technique, along with encouragement of their rhythm and musicality.  Classes are fun and enjoyable and a great form of exercise.  As with the ballet classes tap progresses into different levels depending on age and ability of the individual child.
Also Dance-A-Round offers an Adult class for those of you whom may of learnt tap as a youngster and would like to try again!